Absolute Automation

The role of automation in your lab
Laboratories need to adjust to an increasingly pressurised landscape, and automation is their answer for sustainability. 

At a time when labs want to eliminate repetitive and mundane tasks while increasing test speed and volume, comes a stark realization—automation is no longer optional. It helps labs do more with less, and while some gains are financial, others are much more valuable. 

Increases in walkaway time elevate employee engagement and help lower labor costs by optimising the use of highly trained staff members. Automation can also simplify operations, minimise repetitive motion injuries, drive higher quality output, and open the door for integrated testing.

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Samples in, results out — one holistic approach

Experience absolute automation with the Molecular Work Area. Now, labs have the opportunity to revolutionise their approach to testing and redefine their future potential. Significant reductions in hands-on time reduce error, maximise safety with each result, and free-up staff to perform higher value tasks. 

  • Elevate efficiency with potential to exceed required performance indicators 
  • Increase flexibility to meet changing demands with confidence
  • Realise cost-saving opportunities with more predictable turnaround times
Absolute automation with the Molecular Work Area
Free-up resources with industry-leading systems

The powerful cobas® 6800 and 8800 Systems simplify the analytical processing of a broad range of tests and samples in a single fully automated workflow. Generate 96 results in about 3 hours and enjoy up to 8 hours work-away time with the cobas® 6800 System, and up to 4 hours with the cobas® 8800 System respectively.

Molecular Work Area stats 1
Molecular Work Area stats 2

These advanced systems are built for efficiency:

  • Automated onboard storage and temperature-controlled environment maintains inventory of consumables and enables ready-access reagents
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID) and barcodes ensure full traceability from samples in to results out
  • Uni- and bi-directional LIS interface simplifies order and result handling
Accelerate speed and efficiency with pre-analytics

Improve workflows and reduce the risk of errors with unrivalled efficiency. The fully automated cobas® prime Pre-analytical System consolidates, integrates and standardises the pre-analytical process to streamline and simplify your lab operation.

The system will continuously load—without presorting—multiple molecular sample types for multiple tests into a universal tray and perform pre-analytical processing before transferring the samples to the analyser for testing.

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In the race to enhance laboratory value, automation is just one way that lab leaders can cut costs, improve efficiency and stay competitive. 


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