Complete and uncompromising consolidation

Multiple instruments, a single system, no unnecessary waste

Businesses often merge assets to streamline operations. Applying that same principle in the laboratory opens a number of interesting opportunities to improve service and get more done with less. 

The Molecular Work Area applies a diverse consolidation strategy to help labs streamline their testing approach to uncover hidden efficiency and value. Instruments, platforms, and sample types can all be consolidated to reduce training requirements, optimize space in the lab, and simplify workflows.

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Experience the standard in molecular testing consolidation

The Molecular Work Area is the only solution that can give you the freedom to focus, the confidence to streamline, and the capacity to deliver. 

Freedom to focus

  • Ready-to-use reagents simplify test setup
  • Automation keeps staff engaged and focused on higher value tasks
  • Reliable results help to avoid unnecessary retesting

Confidence to streamline

  • Pre-analytic automation creates a “sample in, results out” workflow
  • Simpler staff training and maintenance with a universal process and interface
  • Streamlined consumables management helps minimise delays in testing

Capacity to deliver

  • Test 12 parameters at once and run up to 3 tests from a single sample 
  • Scale easily as testing needs change with flexible volume capacity 
  • On-board refrigeration ensures assays are available as needed
True consolidation with the Molecular Work Area

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Consolidate greater than 90% of your non-urgent, routine testing*

Roche is the only partner that can deliver this type of sustainable, value-adding solution. Invest in your future with the Molecular Work Area to put Roche’s vision, expertise, and industry-leading solutions at your fingertips.

*May vary based on assay availability in your country

Test with the right menu

Consolidation is meaningless unless labs can offer the tests customers need. The Molecular Work Area offers an ever-expanding, diverse range of high-throughput assays that deliver reliability and value.

Work across a range of diagnostic areas

broad and expanding assay menu serves the areas of infectious disease, sexual health, transplant, respiratory and antimicrobial stewardship with more to be added in the future.

React with flexible scalability

Embrace your capacity to grow with the cobas® 5800/6800/8800 Systems’ open channel—bringing the workflow efficiencies of IVD tests to open channel assays* and allowing you to run them together on the same platform.

*Open channel assays include pre-designed CE-IVD assays, Laboratory Developed Tests and pre-designed prober/probe sets for research use.

Expand your lab’s potential

Roche is a leading investor in research and development that continually pushes the boundaries of healthcare. New instruments, tests and technologies will be added to the Molecular Work Area offering over time.

Grounded in a proven history of excellence

With more than 120 years of experience and expertise, innovation is in our DNA. As pioneers of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, our continual development of leading diagnostic solutions has pushed molecular testing to the forefront of diagnostic confidence. 

Supporting this world-class technology is a world-class service team comprised of more than 2,000 technical and field experts in more than 70 countries. Roche’s long-standing success comes from working with and learning from our customers. These relationships have been vital to informing our trajectory and allowing us to deliver difference-making solutions.

Did you know?


Roche viral load HIV-1, HCV, HBV, and CMV assays are among the most trusted for clinical trials. With more than 100 million viral load tests performed worldwide, Roche assays are the most clinically validated, sitting at the forefront of pharmaceutical and clinical research and forming a unique link between clinical trials and clinical practice. 

Consolidation is a long-term strategic commitment for any lab—one that could reshape molecular testing in your facility for the next decade or more. Embrace consolidation with Roche and be ready for the internal pressures and external challenges that are reshaping today’s molecular testing landscape.