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From entertainment, retail, and transportation, to life in the laboratory, data is reshaping the world around us. Harnessing the power of information can open up new opportunities for efficiency, cost-savings, and quality improvements. Roche has been analyzing healthcare data for decades and has developed a number of innovative solutions that address real world laboratory challenges.

By focusing specifically on relevant data, laboratories can enable deep insights to inform decisions on operations and clinical management practices to help benefit patient outcomes.

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cobas® infinity laboratory solution


Turn testing complexity into workflow efficiency with cobas® infinity laboratory solution; the brain of the Molecular Work Area. This easy-to-integrate web-application provides full and transparent control over operations— from sample arrival to sample disposal, and everything in between, even across disciplines. Single- and multi-site laboratories can now benefit from the end-to-end automation of complex processes, higher quality output, and robust reporting.

  • Optimized sample routing and automatic tracking
  • Custom results management with guided review and validation
  • Seamless retrieval of sample location and status

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Tying together data and diagnostics

By harnessing the power of data, we are further expanding the impact of the Molecular Work Area. Position your laboratory for future success as a true value-adding partner to your organization with integrated and holistic data analytics solutions.