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Transform your lab with automation, consolidation, integration and standardization.

Experience never-before-achieved efficiency and help redefine the role of your laboratory. Healthcare is changing—to stay competitive, so must your lab.

As pressure grows to do more with less, implementing efficient and value-adding solutions paves a sustainable pathway forward. Welcome to the future of diagnostic connectivity.

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Overcome obstacles that directly impact laboratory business

Unlock your lab’s potential to adapt, prepare and succeed

Experience the efficiency of molecular integration. Uncover the hidden value within your lab with industry-leading molecular systems, a broad and expanding assay menu, automated pre- and post-analytical units, and an advanced data solution that ties your entire workflow together.

Absolute automation

Eliminate manual steps to reduce hands-on time and error, while allowing staff to perform higher-value tasks.

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True consolidation
True consolidation

Streamline processes by consolidating multiple sample types and tests across a broad menu onto one system.

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Proven integration
proven integration

Transform your current operation into a lab of the future with industry-leading instruments integrated into a single solution.

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Unrivalled standardization

Increase efficiency and predictability with a common interface, a shared reagent concept and uniform solution configurations.

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Innovative solutions put your lab on the pathway to success

Implementing efficiency is easier than you would ever imagine

Automation and consolidation—more than a value-adding strategy, an investment in your future. Establishing long-term sustainability begins with elevating your lab’s contribution to clinical decisions. Seamlessly integrate routine molecular testing into your molecular lab with the Molecular Work Area, your starting point for future success.

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