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Efficiency is more attainable than ever. 

Each week, another report outlines the series of changes impacting healthcare. From the industry-wide workforce shortage to the pressures put on labs to elevate the value they provide, everyone is looking for a sustainable solution. 

As laboratories embrace automation, could the efforts of lab staff be redirected toward higher value tasks? What if laboratory challenges could be transformed into value-adding opportunities?

Invest in your lab’s future success

Long-term sustainability is here. Welcome to the Molecular Work Area—a comprehensive and scalable solution that brings together testing in a meaningful way. Now, you can elevate your lab with higher quality and more efficient workflows, improved predictability, and more streamlined operations. 

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Blending automation, consolidation, integration and standardization, you can now run the tests you need in a single workflow, even across disciplines. Now, labs of all disciplines, sizes, and setups can stay on the cutting edge, elevate value, and achieve long-term success. 

The Molecular Work Area can deliver:

  • End-to-end workflow automation with pre- and post-analytics
  • High-quality assays covering a broad range of diagnostic areas
  • Advanced data analytics and insight capabilities
  • Seamless integration into your core lab

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Addressing market challenges with the Molecular Work Area

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Laboratory connectivity reimagined

Gone are the days of complex, segregated molecular workflows. With the Molecular Work Area, your needs dictate your lab setup. Streamline instrumentation with powerful high-throughput analyzers, consolidate IVD and open channel assays, reach new levels of efficiency with pre-analytic automation, and experience never-before-achieved productivity with physical, virtual, and cross-disciplinary connectivity.

This is just the beginning. As your needs evolve, so will the Molecular Work Area. New instruments, tests, and technologies will be added over time to keep your lab ready for whatever comes next.