Proven integration

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Laboratories facing pressure to realise and maintain efficient practices can turn to integration for answers. A fully integrated laboratory can go beyond collecting samples and reporting results, evolving into an active partner in improving care, reducing costs, and providing interpretive services.

Proven integration with Molecular Work Area builds on this with connectivity solutions that are validated for cross-contamination compliance plus a powerful workflow engine that drives end-to-end automation. The revolutionary modular design of the Molecular Work Area forms a single, seamless solution that can easily grow as needs change.

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Pre-analytical integration

One of the fundamental connections made by the Molecular Work Area is integrating pre-analytical solutions to industry-leading systems. Joining a cobas® 6800 or cobas® 8800 System with cobas® pre-analytical solutions eliminates virtually all manual steps in a molecular workflow. This allows labs to easily manage their growing variety and volume of samples. However, this connectivity is just the beginning. The Molecular Work Area is designed to make everything work as one.

True consolidation with the Molecular Work Area

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Flexible physical connectivity

The cobas® 6800/8800 Systems open your lab to a wealth of configuration possibilities. Key to this flexible connectivity are cobas® Connection Modules (CCM). The versatile units can physically join cobas® 6800/8800 Systems to other analysers across multiple disciplines, allowing you to scale as demand grows, and bringing molecular testing to new areas in your lab.

Intelligent virtual connectivity

The Molecular Work Area offers much more than industry-leading hardware. Maximum efficiency requires next-generation data capabilities.

Experience integration to the next power with cobas® infinity laboratory solution—the brain behind the Molecular Work Area. Able to seamlessly integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, this comprehensive management tool generates laboratory specific insights and offers dynamic decision-making to help you maximise your output with minimal effort.

Further driving efficient productivity is the advanced analytics solution, VIEWICS LabOPS™. Empower proactive process improvements using robust and intuitive dashboards that visualize key laboratory metrics—workflow, volume and turnaround time trends, instrument utilisation, and more.

Harnessing the power of data allows you to improve operational efficiency and potential financial performance while driving value back to the lab.

Core lab integration with the Molecular Work Area

Roche is the only company that offers the integration of molecular testing into the core lab.

Integration of the Molecular Work Area into your core lab enables you to consolidate your in vitro diagnostics laboratory.

Now, labs of all types and sizes will be able to find the right combination of services to meet their needs—from a small lab needing a work area connectivity solution to a hospital network needing fully connected transportation and integration in a centralised core laboratory.