End-to-end automation

Streamline and simplify your laboratory operations

In today's fast-paced molecular laboratories, efficiency and flexibility are critical to avoiding bottlenecks. Our portfolio of standalone and connected automation solutions allows lab technicians to work on higher level challenges and opportunities within the laboratory. From cross-contamination compliant pre-analytical systems, to simple and secure archiving with post-analytical units, the Molecular Work Area brings new levels of efficiency to labs of all sizes and disciplines.

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Designed for streamlined workflows, designed for specific sample types and assay requirements, allow staff to focus on other testing priorities and value-adding tasks.

Pre-analytical automation statistics with the Molecular Work Area

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Integrating simplicity, flexibility and efficiency

Connecting molecular systems with pre- and post-analytical solutions from a single provider like Roche enables a simplified, streamlined workflow. This dramatically eliminates direct interaction of the operator with the sample, allowing laboratory staff the flexibility and freedom to focus on higher level challenges and opportunities instead of repetitive manual tasks.