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Making the decision to invest in new technology for a laboratory is similar in some ways to making a diagnosis—one needs to identify the questions being asked, collect the data, and assess the results. The scientific landscape is shifting from a volume- to value-based model, and an aging population will further increase the need for testing.

Laboratories exploring ways to meet this demand will find an efficient and scalable solution in the Molecular Work Area. However, making the case to invest in new instrumentation requires asking the right questions:

  • How much can be saved in operating costs by adopting a faster and more robust system?
  • How can laboratories maintain service levels with increasing budget constraints?
  • How much can your service offering increase by growing capacity?
  • What impact will reducing manual work and cross-contamination through automation have on performance?


Working alongside Roche Healthcare Consulting, you can identify the metrics that are most important to your laboratory. Quantifying the economic and performance benefits of implementing a new solution can help you assess both short-term and long-term value.

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Creating a unique transformation plan

A Roche Healthcare Consulting evaluation begins with an in-depth assessment of laboratory performance, staff, space used, and other specific considerations that impact your success. This is then benchmarked against an extensive database of laboratory metrics. Expert analysts will evaluate your costs and expected value to simulate and predict the financial impact your investment will have on your bottom line.

Our team of experts understands how to work with laboratories to uncover opportunities to integrate data, resources, and people to optimize performance throughout your workflow. Using customized automation and process solutions the consultants will deliver recommendations that will increase capacity, reduce TAT and potentially improve revenue.

Realizing real-world improvements with Roche: A case study

In one recent instance, a medium-sized laboratory in Sweden asked Roche to evaluate the expected financial impact the Molecular Work Area would have on their business. Our consultants analyzed their current process and workload to develop a cost savings estimation. After implementation, actual measured savings fell within 7% of the original estimation, validating the laboratory’s choice to invest in the Molecular Work Area.

Together, we can make your future vision a reality

Start a conversation with Roche Healthcare Consulting and discover the impact transforming your laboratory with the Molecular Work Area.

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