Operational value

Gain the freedom and capacity to improve operations

Increasing demand. Compliance. Testing efficiency. Staff development. Across healthcare, day-to-day operational challenges like these are compounded by external pressures—ever-changing technologiesstaffing shortages, and consolidation in healthcare to name a few. In the face of this changing healthcare landscape, laying the foundation for the future is just as urgent as meeting current demands. The Molecular Work Area offers you the opportunity to addresses operational effectiveness at its core and uncover hidden value in the process.

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Reimagine your working environment

Delivering absolute automation and unrivalled standardization, the Molecular Work Area is revolutionizing nucleic acid amplification testing. Increased work-away time and consistent workflows allows staff to focus on value-adding tasks. This can help to elevate the satisfaction they get from their work while raising your laboratory profile. 

Get the right answers, faster

Decrease operating costs

Increase productivity and work-away time

  • A workflow comparison study showed the Molecular Work Area* provides comparable hands-on time but faster processing time for high-volume CT/NG testing compared with the Hologic Panther1


*Configuration included a cobas® 6800 System connected to a pre-analytical instrument.

Creating a clear path to efficiency

Powered by cobas® 5800, cobas® 6800 and cobas® 8800 Systems, the Molecular Work Area is your entry point to efficiency. This fully automated “samples in, results out” platform enables more walkaway time, higher throughput and fast turnaround times. Integrating additional pre-analytical automation and advanced data solutions can open up even more opportunities for your laboratory. 


Freedom to focus


  • Automation allows staff to focus on other tasks, keeping them engaged and helping you stay ahead
  • Reliable results avoid the need for retesting, while ready-to-use reagents ensure you are always ready to test
Confidence to streamline


  • Achieve one seamless workflow across your entire testing process
  • Universal workflows and a standard user interface mean less staff training, simpler maintenance, and streamlined consumables management
Capacity to deliver


  • Up to 15 assays on board and up to 6 assays per run
  • Scale easily and efficiently so you can react to shifting testing needs


True consolidation only exists where these three benefits
come together, and only Roche can deliver on each promise.



  1. Data on file with Roche.

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