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Roche has a vision for the future of molecular testing. A vision in which laboratories are elevated beyond diagnostic results to deliver meaningful gains across healthcare. This is the Molecular Work Area.

Laboratories ready to own the future of molecular diagnostics can now take their testing to an unprecedented level. The Molecular Work Area is designed to scale as your needs evolve. Sitting at the heart of this concept are the cobas® 5800cobas® 6800 and cobas® 8800 Systems. From adding throughput to reducing hands-on time, a sustainable future for your laboratory starts here.

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There are numerous ways to configure your laboratory with the Molecular Work Area. From time and cost savings to increased efficiency and scale, you can optimize your setup to meet your unique needs.  

Explore these example scenarios to help identify where you are in your transformation journey. Take the next step.

Enhance your testing workflows with flexibility and scalability
Scenario: Consolidate your routine molecular testing


Whether laboratories are looking to reduce instrumentation or streamline testing processes, consolidation is a strong driver of diagnostic efficiency.

  • Simplify your operations and reduce the footprint of your instrumentation 
  • Run open channel assays and IVD tests on the same platform
  • Expand your capabilities for outbreak response and long-term growth.


Consolidating your test menus onto a single platform will optimize instrumentation and ordering while enhancing your laboratory's total offering. Streamlined testing will reduce the number of workflows technicians need to run, and limit variability and training requirements.

  • A major laboratory group recently consolidated their 15 analyzers down to just 3 cobas® 8800 Systems. The transformation allowed the group to optimize staffing requirements, realize a 50% reduction in turnaround times and increase capacity by 30-40%. After the success seen with their HCV viral load assay, the group then moved their HIV and HBV tests onto the new systems.


The broad test menu of the Molecular Work Area spans donor screening, infectious disease, sexual health, gastrointestinal, transplant, respiratory and antimicrobial stewardship.

  • A 2019 study evaluated the workflow impacts of consolidating five different molecular assays onto either the cobas® 6800 System or Hologic's Panther System. The Roche system and assays maintained highly accurate and reproducible results with better turnaround times and improved workflows.1

The real change has been being able to link together different types of parameters, from microbiology or virology, and to insert them as we please.

– High-volume Subcontracting Laboratory in Europe

Scenario: Integrating pre-analytical automation
To build upon the efficiencies provided by cobas® 5800, cobas® 6800 and cobas® 8800 Systems, we offer a range of pre-analytical solutions to complement your workflow needs. Automating upfront steps allows you to make better use of your technicians’ time while eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Less human interaction means more standardized processes, reduced operator interaction, and minimized risk of repetitive motion injuries.
Integrating pre-analytics with the Molecular Work Area makes it possible for laboratories to automate greater than 90% of their non-urgent routine molecular testing volume.*

*May vary based on assay availability in your country
  • Traditional molecular workflows for HPV testing with SurePathTM require 43 manual steps. Connecting a Roche pre-analytical instrument to a cobas® 6800 System, for example, reduces the number of touchpoints down to just six. 
reduced manual interactions with absolute automation

Our newest pre-analytical innovation† is the first and only solution capable of automatically preparing the variety and volume of samples you receive for molecular diagnostic testing.‡

* Depending on assay availability in your country.
† In development, not commercially available.
‡ Liquid-based cytology for HPV testing, urine for CT/NG, serum/plasma for virology,
swabs for CT/NG, dried blood spot on a plasma separation card for HIV testing.

Scenario: Embrace the potential for core lab integration


After successfully implementing the Molecular Work Area, you can build upon your newfound efficiency, quality and productivity. Additional capacity, automation and connectivity can be added over time. For those looking for true multidisciplinary collaboration, the Molecular Work Area also makes it possible to bring molecular testing and serology together to create an Integrated Core Lab.

Throughout this integration journey, laboratories will be supported with state-of-the-art data solutions that provide total process control, automated quality checks and facilitate post-analytical integration. 

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