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Every Roche assay is backed up by extensive experience and expertise in test design and optimization. Results on Roche instruments are also shown to be standardized across all platforms.1-4 This consistent excellence has made Roche the preferred diagnostic partner in clinical trials.5-6

The Molecular Work Area brings this demonstrated excellence into your laboratory by consolidating the right menu of assays onto a single platform, including a dedicated open channel for other assays that could benefit from consolidation.

With a shared reagent concept and standardized user experience, the Molecular Work Area is performing up to 10 million tests per month across 1,500+ systems globally, including 50 sites with integrated pre-analytical automation.

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Roche assays are developed according to WHO standards. They deliver consistent quality and collectively set the standard of performance across broad range of testing needs.

The Molecular Work Area has assays available for donor screeninginfectious diseases and respiratory infectionssexual health, and transplant-related infections

Bringing IVD workflow gains to lab developed testing


The cobas omni Utility Channel  on the cobas® 5800/6800/8800 Systems enables a broader testing menu by consolidating open channel assays with Roche in vitro diagnostics (IVD) assays on a single platform. Open channel assays may include IVD assays, as well as routine lab developed tests (LDTs). The ability to consolidate and automate a wider array of testing on a single platform helps to increase operational efficiency, maximize laboratory space and minimize capital investment.

Expanding coverage and extending confidence with advanced approaches to testing
Dual Target Technology


The rapidly mutating HIV-1 virus can continually evade quantification by a single target viral load assay. Roche's innovative dual target HIV-1 assay measures two unique regions of the HIV-1 genome, which are not subject to selective drug pressure. With this approach, drug-induced mutations should not impact the assay's ability to detect and quantify the virus accurately.

As more accurate results can drive better decisions, we expanded the application of this technology to have a greater impact on patient lives. Incorporating it into our recently-announced tests for EBV and BKV will help guard against the risk of sequence variations that may be present in the viruses. These tests will work to ensure quantitative accuracy when screening transplant patients at risk of complications caused by the viruses.

Dual Probe Approach


Our quantitative HCV RNA assay is based on a novel dual probe approach with an optimized automated extraction and amplification procedure. This test ensures highly sensitive detection of HCV RNA across different HCV genotypes with accurate and reproducible results at low viral loads. With improved testing, optimized treatment is one step closer—as is putting a stop to the spread of HCV.

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