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Changing your laboratory setup can be intimidating, but implementing the Molecular Work Area doesn’t have to be. From process analysis and laboratory design to change management and data analysis, Roche Healthcare Consulting has the expertise your laboratory needs for an effective and streamlined transformation. 

Roche consultants can help you navigate the ever-changing healthcare environment with a focus on three main disciplines:

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Roche consultants only use tools and methodologies that have been validated through real-life experiences. Insights and solution proposals are always grounded in clearly defined, measurable metrics. They can evaluate your data capabilities and resources while benchmarking your lab’s performance against your peers, delivering the best possible level of service, every step of the way.


Watch the story of Roche’s partnership with Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital.

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Beyond workflow, lab automation, IT, engineering and instrument application, Roche Healthcare Consultants have a mastery of lab management, administration and business drivers of healthcare. Their focus is on improving results for your entire organization across five key areas:

  • Growth: sustainable growth with improved capacity
  • Financial performance: reducing waste and improving integration
  • People: improving employee satisfaction
  • Quality: reducing errors, improving consistency
  • Time: Improving turnaround time, enhancing efficiency

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