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For years, clinical chemistry and immunochemistry laboratories have enjoyed the absolute automation, reduced complexity, and exceptional performance of cobas® 6000/8000 Systems. Now, Roche is bringing the concept of the Serum Work Area to molecular diagnostics to help laboratories succeed in a changing healthcare environment.

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Introducing the Molecular Work Area

Harness the power of nucleic acid amplification testing to unlock new levels of efficiency. 

The Molecular Work Area is designed for connectivity. Today, laboratories of all sizes and disciplines can enhance their testing capabilities while reducing workflow complexity. From the absolute automation  of molecular testing to full integration  within your core laboratory, the Molecular Work Area can help you consolidate and standardize your testing to meet current and future demands.

Automate 90% of your routine testing

*May vary based on assay availability in your country.

benefits of the Molecular Work Area
Solve today’s challenges

Powered by the proven performance of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, the cobas® 6800  and cobas® 8800 Systems  are the established standard for routine molecular testing.

These industry-leading systems  feature a broad and high-quality test menu spanning donor screening, infectious disease, sexual health, gastrointestinal, transplant, respiratory and antimicrobial stewardship.


Automation allows staff to focus on other value-adding activities, improve laboratory efficiency and enjoy a more rewarding work environment
Benefits of cobas 6800 systems
Benefits of cobas 8800 systems
Did you know?
  • Roche is the only supplier that can support both Blood Screening and IVD testing on the same system—and even on the same run
  • Our best-in-class assay designs have been the backbone of clinical trials for >25 years and have driven global guidelines for cervical cancer1
  • Egypt embarked on a hepatitis C elimination program using a combination of Roche immunochemistry and molecular solutions to screen the entire population
Unlock tomorrow’s possibilities

As your needs change, you can add additional capacity, automation or data solutions. Standalone pre-analytical instruments can unlock the potential for significant efficiency gains, as demonstrated in an internal study where manual touchpoints were reduced from 51 down to just 5.2 State-of-the-art data capabilities 3,4 turn intricate test configurations into a single efficient workflow, while uncovering insights that can inform better decision-making.

No matter your testing needs, the Molecular Work Area can help your laboratory elevate the value it delivers to ensure a successful and sustainable future.


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