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A sustainable tomorrow starts today

Given your current setup, how confident are you in your laboratory’s future success and sustainability?

As populations age, healthcare pressures grow, and technology shapes the world around us; not changing is no longer an option. Healthcare is shifting focus from a volume- to value-based model of care, and non–value-adding departments are at risk of being consolidated. There is hope, however. With a slight shift in mindset, a value-centric approach to testing can be more attainable than you may think.


Meet the new face of molecular testing

The Roche Molecular Work Area

Gone are the days of multiple rooms, complicated workflows, and countless manual steps. 

Roche’s Molecular Work Area has revolutionized access to, and the potential of, molecular testing. This allows laboratories of all sizes and disciplines to elevate their value, giving them the freedom to focus, the confidence to streamline and the capacity to deliver.

The Molecular Work Area is not a product; it is a tangible and sustainable solution that is positively impacting laboratories today.


End-to-end efficiency from samples in, to results out


Do your instruments dictate your workflow? What if you could test what you want, whenever you want? With streamlined and standardized processing, the Molecular Work Area ensures high testing quality and effective resource management. 

  • Consistent workflows: Results in fewer errors, duplications, and delays to drive substantial cost savings.
  • Consistent access: Allows tracking of results and processes with an intelligent and robust IT solution
  • Consistent quality: Ensures contamination control, sample integrity and full traceability in every aspect of the solution

See real-world stories of success with the Molecular Work Area.

Your long-term success, Roche’s proven history of excellence

Transforming your laboratory can be quite the undertaking. To support your journey, Roche developed a vision for the future that is both attainable as well as impactful. The Molecular Work Area is the culmination of extensive industry expertise, industry-leading solutions and a rich pipeline of products to allow you to stay competitive amidst an ever-changing healthcare landscape. 

Partnering with Roche gives you access to highly reliable systems, proven quality assays and a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to connect it all together.

To support you in navigating this transformation, Roche Healthcare Consulting will provide personalized advice and guidance throughout every step—from first assessment, through implementation and beyond. 

Join laboratories around the world in securing future success with the Molecular Work Area.